Careers at HRC

Qualification and expertise of the candidates applying for vacancies at HRC undoubtedly play a key role in decision on inclusion in our team. However, in selection of our staff, along with the education in field of Personnel management or Psychology, special training and work experience, we consider also whole set of personal data, including:

  • analytical skills, intellect;
  • capacity for work;
  • general horizon;
  • ability of training and self-development;
  • communication skills, ability to work in the team;
  • willingness to orientate themselves towards Customer, ability to proceed primarily from Customer’s interests;
  • ability of self-organization and planning the time.

It’s those basic features that are considered as the capacity for further development of the professional and allow projection of its growth.

We provide our staff with good opportunity to become highly qualified professionals and provide them with all capabilities for professional and career growth in our company.
If you are energetic, communicable, able to work in team, targeted to permanent raise of qualification, are striving at permanent development of own career and are prepared to dedicate yourself to long term work in HRC, then you are potential our employee.
Send your resume to with mark Work at HRC.