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From 14 to 17 November, at the invitation of HR Capital consulting (HRC), the coach of CEB SHL from Russia Dmitry Sokolov conducted a seminar in Tashkent on the topic: "Development and Implementation of the Assessment Center". Such seminar was held in Uzbekistan for the first time.

Over the last twenty years the Assessment and development centers have become an integral part of the HR strategy in the organizations, for the reason that this method is considered as the most objective method of the evaluating of the potential of employees.
The seminar was attended by HR managers of the following companies: Huawei, Alutex, Nestle, UMS, SAG Carpets, Hamkor bank, Samarkand Savdo (retail brand name “Sunday”), GIZ and HRC.

Experience of consultants of SHL, a leading company in the field of an objective assessment of people, has allowed participants to enhance their skills in observation and assessment, as well as to get familiarised with best practices of  organizations around the world and explore the possibility of applying the basic exercises and case studies in their own assessment practices.

During the days of the seminar, participants had an opportunity not only to learn the theory and approach to the evaluation of staff, but also to act as experts and assess various competencies and behavioral patterns of participants based on the following business exercises:

• Group discussion
• Analytical presentation
• Role-playing game
• Exercise on fact-finding

The organizer of the seminar – HR Capital consulting is confident that the experience and knowledge gained during  the seminar will help each participant to significantly contribute to the development of the companies which they represent, as well as to further grow in their own careers.

At the end of the seminar participants received the certificates of CEB SHL.
HRC plans to continue its cooperation with SHL in order to provide more opportunities for further development of local HR professionals through different training programs of SHL.

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