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New service: Outstaffing of the foreign personnel in Uzbekistan

Outstaffing of the foreign personnel in Uzbekistan

We provide a full range of services in obtaining work permits for foreign nationals and their further employment in Uzbekistan. Being experts in HR matters, we work efficiently and with minimal client involvement.
Advantages to transfer the foreign staff through outstaffing:
• To outsource the complicated procedure of getting work permit in Uzbekistan to leading HR provider in Uzbekistan;
• Save time for HR related issues and focus on business.
• Possibility to operate in distant areas without registration of a Representative office.
• Optimizing labor and tax risk.

In order to match requirements of our clients we can:
• Obtain medical documents for foreigners to pass the employment Agency commissions.
• Prepare and submit the package of all necessary documents to the employment Agency commission for work permit.
• After getting the work permit to assist in employment of foreign specialists by outstaffing.
•  Full support of the foreign personnel in Uzbekistan (prepare the regular payroll registers, reports to public authorities, medical insurance, renting house, consultations in HR matters and etc.)

Please send us your request to info@hrc.uz, or contact us by phone +998 71 150 42 36.

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