We never ever disclose information about our customers to the third parties without prior permission of the customer. All information received from Employer and/or Applicant is confidential and cannot be disclosed without his/her consent.

Committed to principles, we strictly observe the ethics in working with the Employer companies and Applicants and therefore are proud that it’s one of remarkable features of the activity of the HRC.

While working with us, you could be convinced that we will always:

  • Respect the interests of the Employer fulfilling the tasks set professionally and in timely manner;
  • Respect the interests and desires of the Applicant;
  • Strictly pursue the privacy policy of the information received;
  • Not charge Applicants with reimbursement for their employment;
  • Inform in timely manner the Employer on the impossibility of fulfilling the order;
  • Inform the Applicants on any decision taken regarding their candidature;
  • In selection of the staff, always, be guided by the conformity of qualification and skills of the Applicant to the requirements of the Employer rather than personal understandings;
  • Individual approach to every Employer and Applicant;
  • Support the Employer on all stages of our cooperation;
  • Mention the name of the Employer in advertisement materials only upon its prior consent;
  • Fulfill our work honestly, ingeniously and independently;
  • Improve our professional knowledge and skills;
  • Strive for establishment of long term partnership.