Technology and operating principles

We invite the Candidate to the Company for interview only for valid vacancies.

We process all resumes of the Candidates sent to us, provided they are filled in the right fashion and, enter into the database.

We do not hide the reasons for rejection of the Candidate by the Employer because we believe that it will help our Customers to make right conclusion on the further search for work and efficient use of time.

The Candidate must be prepared to provide contact details of his/her reference persons and the list his/her achievements.

We always try to keep the Candidate informed on the qualifying of his/her candidature according to the vacancy of our Customer-company. If the Candidate for vacancy was in our Company but did not qualify for the Employer we will for sure inform him/her.

We never ever provide information to the third parties without prior permission of the Customer. All information received from the Employer-Company and/or Applicant is confidential and will not be disclosed without his/her consent.

Our services on employment are free for the Applicants.