Executive search

Executive search is targeted, direct search and selection of the top level managers. Main purpose of the search and selection of the staff of the top level is ensuring the superiority of our Customer over competitors in the sel ected field of activity, achieving fastest development of new direction or settling the crisis situation at the Customer-company.

search is not only efficient and high precision selection of top managers, but also is the set of activities on market survey and detection of leading professionals so that the Customer will be proposed the professionals with the best expertise working on the market.

The Executive search service can be required if you need:

  • Best of the best Candidates on the market;
  • Start-up managers, people, capable to launch new project;
  • Managers, capable to raise the Company into the leaders of the market;
  • Managers, capable to rebuild the Company, i.e. make it system and attractive for shareholders and investors.

А) Steps of work on the Executive search project

1. Analysis of the Customer-company, needs assessment of the Company in search and selection of the staff, clarification of requirements to the Candidate, his/her functional duties, professional features and skills, negotiation of remuneration package for more detailed description of the vacancy.

2. Development of the strategy of project performance. Industry analysis, assessment of the competitors, area of search of the Candidates using gained contacts, connections, own perfected technologies and work techniques on the Executive search project.

3. Preparation of the initial list of potential Candidates, establishment of the contact, identifying the interest of the professional in job change, assessment of the professional. Coordination of the candidatures with the Customer.

4. Personal meetings with interested Candidates, shortlisting of the most interesting Candidates, preparation of professional resume of the Candidate for the Customer.

5. Meetings of the Customer with the Candidates. Representative of the project may attend the meeting. Upon the result of the meetings after discussion with the Customer, we shortlist the finalists or make amendments in the search strategy to clarify the requirements and proposals on position.

6. The Customer takes decision on the Candidates and appoints the date of appearance of the sel ected candidate at work. Support and adaptation of the Candidate in the Company

Deadlines for performance

Deadlines for search and selection on the Executive search project are negotiated individually on every order. Average timeframe for search of top-manager is 1–3 months fr om the moment of entering into contract.

B) Cost of the service, warranties

Cost of the service

The amount of honorarium is 20–30% of the aggregate annual income on his/her position at the Customer-company. Aggregate annual income is discussed with the Customer and determined on the basis of conducted marketing survey of the relevant segments of the labor market.


In the event of release or retirement of the top-manager we selected for the Customer within 6 months fr om the moment of entering the position (depending on the project) we guarantee complimentary provision of another Candidate.

We try to understand the features of every Customer as deep as possible, his/her goals, objectives, and corporate mentality. All this helps us to work with higher quality over the project and find exactly those people who can contribute to raising efficiency of business of our Customers.