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HR consulting

HR advice is the field of activity connected with achieving objectives of the top managers in the area of human resources management with aim at increasing profitability of the business.

Rapidly changing environment and strengthening of competitive struggle in different fields of business produce today to the management of the companies high requirements on HR management. More and more often the following issues are becoming acute:

  • Where from and how to attract professional staff?
  • How to strengthen motivation of the staff?
  • Will training of the staff raise efficiency of work?
  • How successfully to pass inspections organized by the authorities (labor inspection and others)?
  • Are HR solutions legitimate from legal viewpoint? What is the cost of the professional on the market?
  • How to avoid excessive costs of employment?
In search for answer for those and other questions in field of HR management, connected with organizing efficient work of the HR management team, you will be helped by the implementation of procedures of HR advice.

In the framework of HR advice we provide the following services:

  • Audit of HR paper work;
  • Advise in the field of HR management;
  • Psychological advice to the staff;
  • HR studies;
  • Attestation and testing of the personnel.