Testing and personnel assessment

Since 2016, HRC cooperates with CEB SHL on the territory of Uzbekistan in the sphere of assessment and testing of personnel. Company CEB SHL - is the world leader in the development of psychometric tools of assessment and decisions in the area of talent management, which entered Gartner in 2017.

Personnel testing can be helpful to you:

  • While closing the vacant position

  • While it is necessary to decrease the number of personnel

  • When it is necessary to make staff rotation

  • While the delegation of privileges is conducted

  • While it is necessary to conduct the analysis of internal effectiveness and receive consultation for the strategy concerning managing the particular team

  • While there is high quantity of young candidate selection

Testing personnel during the selection process is a new requirement of leading companies. Testing helps to recruit highly qualified employees who are able to show effective results.

As a rule, the company requests the test of the internal candidates in order to select potential manager. This allows to minimize the risks, increase the potential success of the employee and reduce costs to the company.

Testing is carried out in order to identify personal and professional qualities, abilities of the candidate, and the psychological qualities of the person. According to the test results, clients receive a detailed report and feedback.

Testing and assessment of existing employees is carried out when there is a need to create high-performance teams and do the staff rotation, and also to check the suitability of the personnel position.

Personnel evaluation or Assessment centre is a method of complex assessment of the personnel, based on modeling of the key points of activity of employees to identify the level of development of their professionally important qualities (competences) and identify potential opportunities.

The use of technology the assessment center allows the Company to solve some key business challenges:

  • to accurately assess the level of competence of specialists and managers of the Company;

  • to identify high-potential prospective employees for the further targeted development and career advancement;

  • to organize an effective recruiting and precise placement within the Company;

  • to design individual employee development plans, taking into account their strengths and areas for growth;

  • to form base of a personnel reserve of the organization;

  • significantly improve the effectiveness of corporate training programs and staff development.

HRC staff have CEB SHL certificates, corresponding to the international standard for testing and evaluation of the staff.