Accounting for the representatives of international companies

Outsourcing (outer-source using) is contract-based delegation by an entity of particular business-processes or production functions to other company with similar business area.

As opposed to services and support, which are normally one time and constrained with start and end, tasks related to professional support of specific functions based on long-term contract (not less than 1 year) are usually delegated to outsourcing.

Outsourcing of  accounting- providing responsibility of dealing with accounting of the organization to the HRC specialists. The particular service is used for optimization of business-processes- the company will get the possibility to concentrate on the main business, decrease financial risks and what is not the least factor, decline financial expenses.

Accounting outsourcing will be useful for:

  • Representative offices of international company in Uzbekistan

  • Small company, for which it is not profitable to aliment its specialist

  • Company, possessing various business divisions

  • Territory distant companies