Outstaffing in Uzbekistan

Outstaffing is the transfer of a number of functions on staff management to external entities.

The essence of outstaffing facility is in taking the personnel out of the staff of the Customer-company and registration of him/her as the staff of the HRC with further provision of this staff to the Customer on behalf of the HRC.

Under such scheme, the employee like before, continues to fulfill his/her functions on the same workplace while contracted with HRC for labor relations with HRC being his/her employer.

Companies practice outstaffing service for simplification and adjustment of business processes and for building more flexible relations with the employees.

As a rule, the employees do not mind such format of work and do not see significant difference between being the staff member of the Company or work out of the staff. In both cases the rights and guarantees of the employees are fully protected and are strictly observed.

This service provides the companies with number of opportunities on optimization of business:

  • Efficiently distribute budget;

  • Decline legally binding responsibilities for the employees;

  • Avoid costs connected with employment of personnel, keeping his/her records in accounting and human resource department, calculation and payment of salary;

  • Exclude or reduce costs for dismissal of the employees;

  • Test new employees without entering into labor contract;

  • Diminish volume of HR paper work and related expenditures;

  • Diminish volume of administrative work, connected with formalities of business trips and provision of social privileges;

  • Optimize costs for training and remuneration packages.