Outstaffing of the foreign personnel in Uzbekistan

We offer full range of service in work permit for foreign candidates and their further employment in Uzbekistan through outstaffing. Being experts in HR matters, we execute the tasks with minimum action from the Client.

Advantages of sending external personnel through outstaffing:

  • To give the procedure of getting the work permit in Uzbekistan to the leading HR provider in the Republic

  • Economize time for the questions, connected with the personnel management and focus on the main business.

  • Possibility of work in the region, where you do not have registration of the Agency or the permanent institution

  • Optimization  of risks in questions of tax and labor legislation

For the satisfaction of the requirements and demands of our clients, we can offer:

Assistance in receiving the needed medical references for foreigners for the External labor Migration Agency

Preparation and provision of the full list of necessary documents to the External labor Migration Agency for receiving work permit in Uzbekistan

After getting work permission, providing assistance in employment of foreign candidates using outstaffing

The full assistance of external personnel in Uzbekistan (prepare regular calculations for wages accrual and delivery, reports for the governmental institutes, medical insurance, rent for accommodation, consultation on the questions of labor legislation and personnel management , etc).