Executive Search in Uzbekistan

Since 2006, HRC is finding the best specialists for foreign and local companies operating in Uzbekistan. Confidence of our Customers and Applicants is our main asset in work.

Executive search- Executive search is targeted, direct search and selection of the top level managers. Main purpose of the search and selection of the staff of the top level is ensuring the superiority of our Customer over competitors in the selected field of activity, achieving fastest development of new direction or settling the crisis situation at the Customer-company.

Executive search is not only efficient and high precision selection of top managers, but also is the set of activities on market survey and detection of leading professionals so that the Customer will be proposed the professionals with the best expertise working on the market.

 The Executive search service can be required if you need:

  • Best of the best Candidates on the market;

  • Start-up managers, people, capable to launch new project;

  • Managers, capable to raise the Company into the leaders of the market;

  • Managers, capable to rebuild the Company, i.e. make it system and attractive for shareholders and investors

Deadlines for performance

Deadlines for search and selection on the Executive search project are negotiated individually on every order. Average timeframe for search of top-manager is 1-3 months from the moment of entering into contract.

We possess the largest database of candidates in Uzbekistan, which consists of more than 91 000 specialists, where 5000 represent top-management positions (line managers and high qualified specialists).

HRC assists in economic development of the country and candidate employment in all spheres of economics : manufacture, production, telecommunication, IT, Finance, Medicine, Pharmacy, HR, Logistics, etc.

Advantages of partnering with the HRC

1. Speed

Continuous search for the best candidates to fill model vacancies allows us to prepare for you the proposal on the best candidates within several hours.

2. Experience

HRC, the leading recruitment company established in 2006, possesses rich experience in personnel recruitment in various areas. Our experience allows us to assess needs of our customers and to find appropriate candidates.

3. Competition

You will be able to compare and sel ect the most appropriate applicant of all, since the HRC candidates will be competing with your candidates.

4. Privacy policy

In the course of recruitment, we never disclose the Customer Company, which allows us to maintain privacy policy, when the Customer protects such information fr om its current employees and business competitors.

5. Time saving

During personnel selection, our current recruiters also take time to train personnel, to develop motivation, to engage with office work, and other activities. And this provides them with an opportunity to shortlist the best candidates for further assessment.

6. Headhunting

If required, we can communicate proposal to the particular professional on behalf of the Customer and convince him/her to move to Customer's company.

7. Result-oriented Company

We do not accept payment in the event of failure to find candidate, or your ultimate decision to recruit your own candidate.

8. Warranty

We provide 3 to 12 month warranty for the recruited personnel, which implies free replacement of the employee in case of his/her resignation.