Recruitment for CIS countries where they operate

Limitless recruitment - it is the fastest and high- quality distant search for the candidates in any region, where particular specialist is required.

In the world of high developed digital and information technologies, permitting to make online search for the candidates, boarders eliminate and great possibilities for work simplification in the need for applicable candidate arise. Continuing requests from our clients towards candidate search beyond our location, large own resume database, which is regularly increasing and access to leading online resume databases, recruiters' experience in different economic sectors and regions provided the need to offer new possibilities to our clients.

The advantage of cooperation with our company is the speed in proving qualified and experienced specialists, quality and affordable price of our service.

Recruitment in distant mode we conduct according to the following structure:

  • Candidate selection from the resume in accordance with the Client's request

  • Preliminary telephone interview

  • Private or video interview online

  • Recommendation check from the previous working places

  • Provision of 3-5 successfully passed candidates to the Client

  • Psychological assessment of the candidate, including ability tests

  • Organization of the interviews for the Client with interested him\her  candidates