HRC provides wide range of services in selection of staff on different areas and directions for achieving objectives of development of business of its Customers. For search of staff, we use unique system which represents combination consisting of several components, including:

  • Internal search: data base, use of personal contacts, references;
  • External search: placing the information in electronic, printed media, use of other types of advertisement, dissemination of targeted dispatches to candidates, direct queries to higher educational institutions;
  • Targeted search: attraction of specific candidates.

Outstaffing is the transfer of a number of functions on staff management to external entities.

As a rule, the employees do not mind such format of work and do not see significant difference between being the staff member of the Company or work out of the staff. In both cases the rights and guarantees of the employees are fully protected and are strictly observed.


Outsourcing (outer-source using) is contract-based delegation by an entity of particular business-processes or production functions to other company with similar business area.

As opposed to services and support, which are normally one time and constrained with start and end, tasks related to professional support of specific functions based on long-term contract (not less than 1 year) are usually delegated to outsourcing.


HR advice is the field of activity connected with achieving objectives of the top managers in the area of human resources management with aim at increasing profitability of the business.

Rapidly changing environment and strengthening of competitive struggle in different fields of business produce today to the management of the companies high requirements on HR management.