Staff Leasing

Provision of temporary personnel (personnel leasing) is a management technology allowing the company to have required personnel, by using services of third party company.

Accepting temporary employee the customer company will not need to interview candidates, to pay salaries, to handle sick-leaves and vacations, to submit reports to tax authorities. All this will be a sole responsibility of the HRC, as the temporary employee enters into formal contract with us. The customer company, in turn, will be able to get staff member tested fr om the professional viewpoint, ready to enter his/her duties.

Reasons to employ temporary personnel

  • Constraints to employ main personnel
  • Project-like work
  • Vacations of staff members
  • Sick-leaves of staff members
  • Probation period of staff members
  • Lengthy search for main staff member
  • Special periods in company’s activity (resettlement, production peaks, seasonal changes in activity)

Occupations of proposed temporary personnel: secretary, unit assistant, personal assistant, accountant, HR-specialist, IT-specialist, interpreter, promoter. Also, the HRC can provide you with specialists in other fields, wh ere needed.