Students and graduates of Universities


Dear students and graduates of higher educational institutions! If in the future you intend to work on your major, fill in the form or send your resume to the address and your information will be automatically entered to our special data base of young professionals. Any student of the higher educational institution can apply for free. Our services are paid by the Employers interested in young professionals.

HRC does not guarantee employment, but we will for sure contact you in the event of receipt of request from the Employer-company.
We know the difficulties facing the graduates of higher educational institutions in finding employment matching their major without previous work experience. Therefore, take care about your future employment today!


We do care about what kind of professionals will be present tomorrow on the labor market and will come to work at our Company. We would like to contribute to building labor market of tomorrow. Therefore, our company is organizing seasonal internship programs for the students of higher educational institutions. As a result of internship you can get:

  • experience: most often, the students do not clearly understand their future professional functions. The internship provides an opportunity to look into occupation from inside;
  • connections: even if after internship you do not get immediate invitation to stay in the Company, don’t you despair! In any case, after graduation you can apply to this Company and propose yourself as the staff-member;
  • choice: in case you have not made up your mind what to give preference to, internship in the Company will allow to see the work and choose the most fitting direction;
  • time:business hours of interns, as a rule, is shorter, than of regular staff member. There is chance to combine work with study.
You can send resume to the address with mark internship and your information will be automatically entered into our special data base of interns.

Our Company does not guarantee internship, but we will for sure contact you in case of receipt of relevant request from the Company. To find out about the opening of internship program, please, monitor the news of the Company in the column HR-NEWS.

The most successful interns will be proposed permanent employment.